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Return & Exchange Policy
1. Return Policy
1> Since the client within 48 hours of the date of receipt of goods, trade in and consumption without unpacking the case, if you are not satisfied with our goods, we will provide return service. (If you receive the goods have quality problems, you can contact the customer service process through return channel / Phone.)
2> If you do return channel by the application, you can upload photos overall return of goods, and provide a single sign or label images and to retain goods. (In order to deal with your problems in customer service).
3> If you applied for a return, please keep them open after the application is successful the phone to inform you that our phone or SMS.
4>. Under normal circumstances, we will refund your account retreated refund submitted.

2. Special Statement

1> When the return occurs, returns due to customer reasons, we only return the goods of the amount of money, if the original order corresponding freight refundable. As a result of the return reasons or website product quality problems caused, we will refund the amount you trade and the corresponding freight.
2> Fresh vegetables and some special goods (trade descriptions will prompt) We only accept complaints on the spot, once the sign, we will no longer accept returned requirements.
3> As a result of customers' personal reasons quality of the goods, will not be returned.
4>. If orders specials, when returned, if not satisfied Specials Get condition, the need to return with specials. As specials or eating once opened, the order item only for rebate. Any inconvenience, please understand.
5>. Returns need to return the invoice and delivery note (client-linked), please keep the purchase of goods purchase invoices and delivery slips, as a result of the customer reason can not return the invoice or delivery note (client-linked), and may lead to not be able to return adverse consequences arising therefore, will be borne by you.
6>. In the case of the missing quantity of goods, we only accept complaints on the spot, that is, after the goods home delivery, customer complaints personally counted the number of goods and timely delivery to the member raised. Once the sign, we will not accept the returned request.
7> after. Under normal circumstances, an order can only return once the operation, so in order to ensure your rights, please contact us thoughtful.
8> occurred after the return we'll give you money deposited into the account when you submit a refund. If the account has an error, please contact customer service to modify. If for the customer's own causes transfer error, the consequences borne by the customer.
9> Image is only for reference and information, goods will prevail in kind. Depending on the shooting in different lighting and display color problems may cause merchandise in pictures have a certain color, not a quality problem.

For your benefit, careful inventory. Please check your receipt of the goods ordered merchandise. Such as the delivery of goods is incorrect, damaged packaging, product decay, not the number of other issues, face to face to timely delivery have proposed, so that we can deal with you as soon as possible.

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