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Descript The Delivery
Picking time:
Monday to Friday 18:00 before the arrival of the order confirmation, usually in the same day assigned to the operations center, and on the second working day started picking arrangement. Picking time is generally 1-3 working days. Other times to confirm arrival of orders, generally require a working day later postponed. During special events, because of the large number of shipments, shipments may be delayed 2-3 business days

Delivery time:

Under normal circumstances, the goods will be shipped within 1-2 business days (forwarded to the courier company) after picking success. If the order of arrival fifth working day, failed to ship merchandise to normal, we will contact members.
a. a single multi-cargo
If the order requires two points or two more parcel delivery, parcel may be sent in batches. We will try to send a parcel weekly schedule. Therefore, shipping, mailing time such orders will therefore be extended. In case of such a situation, without prior notice to members, please pay attention to the general membership.
b. Goods Sold
If the goods out of stock, delivery time will be extended next 1-3 days, without notice. If out of stock items more than 3 days, we will notify members. (Out of time is too long as a result of long-lost cause orders shipped, orders will be processed in accordance with "Return Merchandise Claims Rules")
c. flight delays
If the flight is delayed, resulting in a smooth transfer of the parcel due to the courier company can not or after the transfer to the courier company need to queue up waiting for a flight and extended flight time on the package, we will be in the order of arrival fifth working day associate members.
To contact a member, we will by Member Member Center notes contact telephone or e-mail address or QQ number to inform members. Make sure that the contact member is correct.

About order changes:

If you have paid the membership application to modify the order shipping information, but ultimately failed to modify the site will not do this to make claims, and the absence of product quality problems, will not be returned to members free parcel service. If members receive the package in an application to change a single recipient again, it returns the resulting costs and other costs borne by the members. beg to be excused!
1. Has been picking orders will ship irrevocable. beg to be excused!
2. After the payment order has been assigned to the operations center, you can not make any changes. Members must confirm the order information is correct before payment. If the order is a mistake, do not pay.

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Descript The Delivery

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