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Descript The Invoice
First Billing:
1, membership billing needs, in the message area Remarks Invoice; or after a successful payment orders, call the customer service Remarks invoice matters.
2, Invoice Amount: The actual payment for the order amount, excluding sales discounts, coupons, credit cards and other commercial discount amount, but contains the amount of freight;
3, invoices Category: Under normal circumstances, the general issue VAT invoices;


1) an order corresponding to the invoice, the invoice will be served along with your order.
2) integration products do not provide invoices, using a pre-paid on deposits do not provide invoices.
3) order notes requested information about the invoice invalid.

Second  open up, returned ticket:

1, fill open: None selected when submitting the order the invoice, within one month after receipt of the order, contact customer service, and inform the order number, Invoice, invoice, mailing address, zip code, telephone number and the recipient, we will in seven working days to express the way to send, it is expected to receive 3-5 working days.
2. Refund: when customers return shall also return the invoice. After we receive the returned invoice and return lossless goods before a refund.
3, for the votes: Under normal circumstances, once the invoice out, can not be returned. If you found invoices payable upon receipt of invoice, or the amount of content errors, within one month after receipt of an order, call the customer service, assisted by customer service staff to handle matters relating to exchange invoices, we set aside both within seven working days after the receipt of the original invoice the new invoice.

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