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Member's Redemption Policy
Points obtained
1. When you Conon benefits associated shopping, within 24 hours to 3 months after the transaction is successful, the user can earn points.


1. Get all of the evaluation will be automatically by the system integrator.

2. single commodity price of 10 yuan (not including 10 yuan), not giving points.

Integral use

1. An Integral benefit Conon linking can be deducted 0.1 yuan at the shopping site, that is, 10 points = 1 yuan;Points are redeemable for merchandise 

2. Conon benefits associated integration can be used to pay;

3. Points can only buy goods, arising from transactions freight, insurance fee, fees (online payment), etc. can not use points to pay.

Integral inquiry

After you log in the "My Account" - view the current integrator and integral history "My Points" in the.
Points refunded
1. customers use credits to purchase goods for return, the benefits associated Conon Points will not be refunded, careful exchange.
2. If you purchased commodities Get points, but encountered return the situation, the benefits will be deducted points Conon linking the amount of your refund amount; Get Points unchanged. (10 Points = 1 yuan)
1. Points Points Mall freight can only buy goods, arising from transactions, insurance fee, fees (online payment), etc. can not use points to pay;
For members of a special declaration at all levels
* Member Account ban lend or transfer to others, lend or transfer to others as a result of the use of all the consequences, the benefits of Conon Union shall not be liable if they are found to have lent specialty gifted or transfer usage, there are benefits associated Conon the right to immediately cancel the appropriate level of qualification for this membership account.
The loyalty program to develop and retain all of the benefits of the right to interpret and amend Conon Union. Subject to modification published on the website, without notice.

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