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Company Profile

Who we are

An Hui Nonglian E-commerce Co.,Ltd( www.yknonglian.com), was founded in Jan. 2016.

It is an e-commerce platform for agricultural products business. It is a financially sound, well run company that has professional evaluation and selection standards.

So far, has made tight partnerships with many great agricultural products processing companies, dedicated family farms and farmers cooperatives.

Concentrating our energy on expanding the market , so a increasingly amount of clients could get quality agricultural products on the e-commerce platform that we build with great effort.

We believe that, as long as we have creation as our motivation, maintain great quality, enhance our strength while developing, we are walking into a fabulous future.

What do we do

To ensure food safety,
We consider safety as a primary principle, and establish a quality control committee; we set six security barriers among producers, functional departments, certification standards, monitoring, testing, consumers; insist on each batch of agricultural products with 43 routine sampling program which could avoid the most common and easily added heavy metals, pesticides, additives and other hazards.

Providing Cold Chain Delivery
We ensure a minumum loss for all the ingredients of nutritions and water, in line with professional standards of the refrigerator (0-4 ) and freezer (-18 ) according to each product a unique preservation storage needs, and provide 8 hours more than the whole cold chain distribution.
Direct delivery to base
We carefully select products from local quality base in Huaibei, removing all redundant intermediate links, and transport truly seamlessly.

The future, we hope -

act with you together
Food safety is related to everyone, we will invite you to participate in the long-term, mutual supervision. Sharing food is every Chinese person most traditional and nostalgia of communication, only together can we seek and share delicious food with family and friends.

We advocate the philosophy of Greatness in Simplicity and living attitude of Return to Innocense look forward to returning to pristine relationship between people, will always adhere to universal values.

Follow the nature
We are committed to the promotion and popularization of scientific methods of planting and breeding, to promote environmental protection and natural farming, follow the laws of nature, and the maintenance of the ecological environment, reduce or reject chemical materials, pesticides, growth regulators, so naturally return to nature.

Why do we do this?

Because we firmly believe that safety is a fundamental right
Equality before food, access to safe food is a fundamental right.
Because we adhere to the original search
Let the food authentic; make life return to innocense; let nature back to nature.
Because we advocate to act together and sharing
Food safety depends on common action, only together can we find a taste for family and friends, and share with the people around.
Because we respected the faith and perseverance
Only faith in future can succeed, insistence is faith in faith.

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